Tips On Keeping Your Home Hurricane Prepped

Tips On Keeping Your Home Hurricane Prepped | News 4 Jax - Hurricane House Calls

Tips On Keeping Your Home Hurricane Prepped 

Rebecca- Hi there I’m Rebecca from new for Jax is it okay if we give you a hurricane house call

Customer- well yeah okay sure

Rebecca-This is Tat from Florida Home Improvement Associates and he’s gonna
be able to help us tell you some things you might be able to do to your home to
make it a little more hurricane ready

Tat- Hi, How are you? Nice to meet you

Customer- Okay

Tat- From a hurricane standpoint last time you left kind you kind of put a
chair in front of it right to hopefully stop it from blowing in but we also see
that it’s all glass so while the chair was there if any flying debris got in
here and were to crack the glass now those 120 130 mile an hour winds are now
trapped inside your room and they have nowhere to go so that’s when you lose sections
of your roof so we want to do some things if we can to protect the glass and we
can do something in the same similar style to what you have now to give the
cosmetic look that you love but give you the protection that you that is
necessary for living in Florida

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