The Best Impact Window for Hurricane Protection

FHIA - The Best Impact Window for Hurricane Protection

Man- Let’s check in with Tat Granta from Florida Home Improvement


Tat - Now that hurricane Matthew has come and gone so many homeowners in
South Florida are left with decision as to what to do with their existing
windows we’re at a home today in Plantation with like so many of us have any
existing windows with not much strength this homeowner asked us to come out and
talk about the options as to how to protect their home and their family and
what would be the best way for them to do it so after meeting with this family
and going over all the different options and all the different ways that we
could protect this home they wanted to
go with a product that didn’t require any work next hurricane so we rolled out
all the different types of shutters utilizing any type of plywood and they
wanted to go with a hurricane window so now this family decided to go with the
hurricane windows we wanted to educate them om a lot of the different products
that are available to ensure that they make the best decision for their family
if we’re just thinking about hurricane protection there’s an option where you
can order just hurricane glass. New frame new glass new window and it’ll
protect your family in an event of a hurricane. So because we live here in
south Florida not only do we want to protect from a hurricane but a lot of
homeowners we meet with also want to do something with the rising energy costs
so this product here has a vinyl frame as opposed to an aluminum frame and
it’ll provide you a lot more energy efficiency because the aluminum frame
conducts the heat from the exterior and returns it into the inside of the home
the vinyl product doesn’t conduct any heat so the vinyl frames a little bit
more energy-efficient they also wanted to go with an additional pane of glass

We can provide a reflective barrier
to reflect all the radiant heat away from the home so in making this decision
for this family the wanted to go with something that not only protects from the
hurricane and doesn’t require any work for them to install during the next
storm but they also wanted to provide energy efficiency and make the home a lot
more comfortable so once you have hurricane windows installed there’s no
additional work for you. Your family’s going to be safe and everything’s secure
and you can also make your home a lot more comfortable.

Man- Thanks Tat. So Meredith I love how the front entrance is coming along

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