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  • Tips On Keeping Your Home Hurricane Prepped
    13/12/2018 - FHIA 0 Comments
    Tips On Keeping Your Home Hurricane Prepped | News 4 Jax - Hurricane House Calls

    Tips On Keeping Your Home Hurricane Prepped 

    Rebecca- Hi there I’m Rebecca from new for Jax is it okay if we give you a hurricane house call

    Customer- well yeah okay sure

    Rebecca-This is Tat from Florida Home Improvement Associates and he’s gonna
    be able to help us tell you some things you might be able to do to your home to
    make it a little more hurricane ready

    Tat- Hi, How are you? Nice to meet you

    Customer- Okay

    Tat- From a hurricane standpoint last time you left kind you kind of put a
    chair in front of it right to hopefully stop it from blowing in but we also see
    that it’s all glass so while the chair was there if any flying debris got in
    here and were to crack the glass now those 120 130 mile an hour winds are now
    trapped inside your room and they have nowhere to go so that’s when you lose sections
    of your roof so we want to do some things if we can to protect the glass and we
    can do something in the same similar style to what you have now to give the
    cosmetic look that you love but give you the protection that you that is
    necessary for living in Florida

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  • Safety Concerns Get Addressed When Installing Impact Resistant Windows
    13/12/2018 - FHIA 0 Comments
    Safety Concerns Get Addressed When Installing Impact Resistant Windows

    Safety Concerns Get Addressed When Installing Impact Resistant Windows

    Man- Coming together nicely right modern which is what you wanted correct?

    Girl- Exactly

    Man-Again the space will grow with Leia throughout the years at this point
    before we get to this project kind of a little teaser right here lets check in
    with Tat Granata from FHA

    Tat- We’re at an installation today in Plantation and one of the major
    concerns for the homeowner was safety not only from a hurricane but also in
    case there’s an emergency in the home how was the family and the small children
    gone to escape in case of an emergency. We’re gonna address that today and show
    you how it can be done. So as we can see with this existing bedroom window if
    there were an emergency in case of fire and we were to open the window it
    wouldn’t provide a lot of clearance for me to be able to get out in such a
    small opening so when we replace this window we want to make sure we provide
    enough of a space so that anybody can get out in case of an emergency and it’s
    really easy to do so


    Tat- So what we’ve installed in this bedroom is a custom window systems
    hurricane impact window installed with the energy-efficient glass they weren’t
    sure as to what they were planning to do with the awnings for shade if they
    wanted to keep them or have them removed from the home so we wanted to provide
    energy efficiency for this space in case they were to remove the awning but
    another point that was really important to all of us was to make sure that when
    this family were back into the home that they were able to get out in case
    there was a fire so we looked earlier what was installed before and now that
    we’ve installed the new window we’ve been able to provide a lot of opportunity
    for anyone small children the parents anyone that’s sleep potentially sleeping
    in this room to be able to get out and have plenty of space to be able to get
    out safely so we’re gonna complete the rest of the installation but as for
    right now this room is completely safe with hurricane windows and its really
    energy-efficient and it also has provided a means for exit in case of an

    Man- Thanks Tat great information as always . Okay. Are you ready ?

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  • 13/12/2018 - FHIA 0 Comments
    The Best Impact Window for Hurricane Protection

    FHIA - The Best Impact Window for Hurricane Protection

    Man- Let’s check in with Tat Granta from Florida Home Improvement


    Tat - Now that hurricane Matthew has come and gone so many homeowners in
    South Florida are left with decision as to what to do with their existing
    windows we’re at a home today in Plantation with like so many of us have any
    existing windows with not much strength this homeowner asked us to come out and
    talk about the options as to how to protect their home and their family and
    what would be the best way for them to do it so after meeting with this family
    and going over all the different options and all the different ways that we
    could protect this home they wanted to
    go with a product that didn’t require any work next hurricane so we rolled out
    all the different types of shutters utilizing any type of plywood and they
    wanted to go with a hurricane window so now this family decided to go with the
    hurricane windows we wanted to educate them om a lot of the different products
    that are available to ensure that they make the best decision for their family
    if we’re just thinking about hurricane protection there’s an option where you
    can order just hurricane glass. New frame new glass new window and it’ll
    protect your family in an event of a hurricane. So because we live here in
    south Florida not only do we want to protect from a hurricane but a lot of
    homeowners we meet with also want to do something with the rising energy costs
    so this product here has a vinyl frame as opposed to an aluminum frame and
    it’ll provide you a lot more energy efficiency because the aluminum frame
    conducts the heat from the exterior and returns it into the inside of the home
    the vinyl product doesn’t conduct any heat so the vinyl frames a little bit
    more energy-efficient they also wanted to go with an additional pane of glass

    We can provide a reflective barrier
    to reflect all the radiant heat away from the home so in making this decision
    for this family the wanted to go with something that not only protects from the
    hurricane and doesn’t require any work for them to install during the next
    storm but they also wanted to provide energy efficiency and make the home a lot
    more comfortable so once you have hurricane windows installed there’s no
    additional work for you. Your family’s going to be safe and everything’s secure
    and you can also make your home a lot more comfortable.

    Man- Thanks Tat. So Meredith I love how the front entrance is coming along

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  • mel feinberg interview with renew financial
    14/03/2018 - FHIA 0 Comments
    Owner of Florida Home Improvement Associates sits with Renew Financial for an interview on the partnership that has lasted over the years and what the future holds!

    Contractor Spotlight: Florida Home-Improvement Associates

    South Florida-based Florida Home-Improvement Associates (FHIA) offers top-quality hurricane impact windows, roof replacements, and kitchen refacing services for homeowners across the southeastern coast. FHIA has been in the business for 11 years and with an extensive reach covering Fort Lauderdale, Miami, West Palm Beach, Orlando, Tampa, Sarasota, Fort Myers, and Jacksonville, they’ve earned an excellent reputation for delivering both hurricane resistance and energy efficiency products to their customers.
    To get an inside look into FHIA’s work and relationship with Renew Financial, we spoke with FHIA owner Mel Feinberg.


    Tell us about your relationship with Renew Financial.

    Mel: It’s a phenomenal relationship. I’ve been in the business for around 40 years, and financing has always been a very important part of the business. I’ve never seen a program like Renew Financial’s PACE program. It allows the customer to repay on their property taxes, it breaks the payment down into a much smaller, affordable number for them. Many customers who were never able to purchase any kind of product like we have under credit terms are now eligible through the Renew Financial PACE program.


    How has your relationship with Renew Financial affected business?

    Mel: It has been a major influence on business, absolutely. There is such a segment of the market here, especially in south Florida, where the economy is good right now, but it wasn’t too long ago that it was very, very bad. People got a little behind on their bills, their credit was not as strong as it used to be...But with the PACE program, it has opened an opportunity for them that they may not have otherwise had.
    It has enhanced our business tremendously and, to tell you the truth, our marketing efforts are really guided towards the type of consumer who really needs this program.

    Can you tell us about a customer who was helped by Renew Financial?

    Mel: We have several examples of customers who just could not find the affordability or the creditworthiness to go for conventional financing, and they’ve been sitting with a leaky roof that’s been causing tremendous damage to the inside of their homes. Well, with Renew Financial’s PACE program, we’ve been able to go to those customers and really take care of their needs and not just fix their roof, but put a roof on that’s going to last them many, many years to come. We’ve eliminated so many of their problems. Without Renew, they’d still be sitting there with a leaky roof.


    What does the future hold for FHIA?

    Mel: We’re counting on Renew Financial to keep expanding! There’s a tremendous amount of opportunity here in Florida, and it’s been highly successful for FHIA. I see us following the program not just in Florida, but also to contiguous states outside of Florida. It’s a great, great program for our company.


    Ready to grow your business and expand your customer base with Renew Financial? Contact us to learn more about becoming a participating contractor. Or click here

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