Energy Savings From Our Replacement Windows

Studies have shown that over 40% of a typical home’s annual energy budget is consumed by windows and doors. ENERGY STAR labeled windows and doors are twice as efficient as those manufactured just ten years ago, and 40% more efficient than products manufactured using common building code guidelines.

Impact Resistant Window Replacement Florida – Energy Savings that add up! Double-Glazed with Low-Solar-Gain Low-E Glass (Spectrally Selective) These Low-E products are often referred to as sputtered (or soft-coat) due to the glass coating process. This type of Low-E product, sometimes called spectrally selective Low-E glass, reduces heat loss in winter but also reduces heat gain in summer. Compared to most tinted and reflective glazing, this Low-E glass provides a higher level of visible light transmission for a given amount of solar heat reduction.

Low-solar-gain Low-E glazing: Ideal for buildings located in cooling-dominated climates.

Cooling Season Savings
In climates that mainly require cooling, windows have represented a major source of unwanted heat gain. In recent years, windows have undergone a technological revolution. It is now possible to significantly reduce solar heat gain and improve comfort while providing clear views and daylight. The graph below illustrates the significant savings in cooling season costs associated with improved windows for a house in a cooling-dominated climate. In warm regions, this means that high performance windows can face into the sun if desired without great energy penalties — although shading techniques remain important.

25 Percent Energy Savings Pledge

Florida Home Improvement Associates is proud to introduce a 25% Energy Savings Pledge. We are so confident in the quality and performance of our Solar Max glass package that we pledge a savings of at least 25% of energy consumption for heating and cooling costs for the residence at the address shown here on during the 12 month period beginning with the first full month after the effective date of this pledge.

This pledge becomes effective only if the homeowner, located at the address shown here on, has purchased a complete installation of Solar Max insulated glass replacement windows and patio doors, and is effective strictly on the dates shown below on this certificate. If energy savings are less than 25% of the previous 12 months energy consumption, the homeowner is to notify Florida Home Improvement Associates according to instruction on the back of this pledge.