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Financing The Future Of Energy Efficiency & Property Safety

The AllianceNRG program can finance plenty of energy efficient and risk mitigation products for your home. These products include, impact resistant windows and doors, insulated / energy efficient roofing systems, and many more! If you are looking to save on your utility bills and also protect your family from hurricanes and theft, AlllianceNRG Financing is ready to help you with your next big home improvement project!

AllianceNRG Financing's goal is to provide simple and affordable long-term financing for home-owners. Approvals are not based on the home-owners credit, and can be repaid through your property tax bill! Energy efficient upgrades are a lifestyle change for your pocket book! Improve your home and save money! 

  Renewable Energy Products For Property Owners

AllianceNRG Financing is considered a tax assessment in comparison to a loan. Financing for home-owners is considered an effort towards a bettering quality of living and moving our communities towards the future of energy efficiency! AllianceNRG Financial takes pride in the quality of work that FHIA is constantly providing to them, and that is why we are their LARGEST contractor in Florida! 

FHIA - Secured Conventional Loans

However, IF the PACE programs are not for you ( Ygrene, Renew, Alliance ). You can apply to qualify for one of our in-house secure financing plans. At Florida Home Improvement Associates, we are prideful in the quality of work and products that we provide. We feel that if we can not accomodate for affordability our pride will be mistaken for something else. Please reach out, and discuss with a representative what kind of Conventional Financing options we have for you today!

We offer free in-home estimates for whatever project you may be planning.