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  Renew & FHIA- Helping Florida Rebuild Efficiently

  • CEO of Renew Financial meets up with a FHIA client, in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. Our very own, Tat Granata, joins them to explain to the home-owner what our installation crew is providing for his home in terms of structure rebuild, protection, and as well as energy efficiency that comes with our quality impact resistant windows and doors. 

Renew Financial is allowing home-owners to borrow up to 20% of their property value! Renew creates individual payment plans that works for the home-owner and can even be repaid through property taxes! Also in certain situations, balances may be transferable to new owner upon sale! Renew Financial, offering innovative financing solutions that help home-owners.

Home Renovations With $0 down

Renew is a government authorized financing for home improvements that save energy or water. Renew financing will provide assistance in replacing windows & doors, roofs and appliances at no upfront cost! If you are looking to go energy efficient, Renew Financial is here to help!

FHIA - Secured Conventional Loans

However, IF the PACE programs are not for you ( Ygrene, Renew, Alliance ). You can apply to qualify for one of our in-house secure financing plans. At Florida Home Improvement Associates, we are prideful in the quality of work and products that we provide. We feel that if we can not accomodate for affordability our pride will be mistaken for something else. Please reach out, and discuss with a representative what kind of Conventional Financing options we have for you today!

We offer free in-home estimates for whatever project you may be planning.