French Doors

Florida Impact Resistant French Doors

French doors and patio doors are a great addition to Florida homes due to the weather and warm climate. French doors allow you take advantage of the sun by allowing natural light into your home while providing access to terraces, balconies, or patios. The view outside from French doors can’t be matched and they can add an aesthetic flare to any home. The problem with older and outdated style French doors is that they can leave your home vulnerable to heat, water, wind, and intruders.At FHIA, we provide and install French doors that have none of the disadvantages of the outdated glass technology in older doors.

Our French doors are impact resistant and can even withstand the forces of a South Florida hurricane. Their high impact rating also means that your average burglar or vandal will have no luck trying to unlawfully enter your home. The technology behind our impact doors ensures that the glass will not shatter even with a very large impact.

If you’ve ever got into your car on a scorching summer day in Florida then you know how much heat can be radiated through the glass windows. This is the same for your home as the glass in older French doors is simply ineffective at keeping the heat out. Our French doors feature Solar Max technology which reduces solar heat gain and can help you save money on cooling costs.

Impact Resistant French Doors In Florida

Our French doors combine function and form with a beautiful looks and effective protection. Contact us today for a free estimate on our energy efficient, impact resistant French doors for your Florida home.