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Hurricane Protection Has Never Been Easier


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 Bringing You the Best in Hurricane Safety

We are proud to be partnered with PGT and CWS to offer the best in high impact-resistant windows and doors for theft and hurricane protection. An important investment for your home! FHIA has partnered with industry leading window manufactures to bring you Energy StormSaver windows and doors! These impact windows are energy-efficient, storm-resistant and bring comfort, greater security and lower energy bills. This unique line of high impact glass windows and doors are only available through Florida Home Improvement Associates.

Different Window Brands

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  • Unattractive

  • Heavy and Difficult Installation

  • Dangerous Installation

  • Protective only when Installed

  • Seals Home with No View

  • Takes Valuable Storage Space

Ineffective Window Protection Options

Storm Shutters

  • Expensive

  • Difficult to Install

  • Dangerous Installation

  • Protective only when Installed

  • Seals Home with No View

  • Takes Valuable Storage Space

Impact Resistant Windows & Theft Protection

Not only do our hurricane impact resistant windows come with energy efficient, there are more reasons to consider replacing your windows! Impact resistant windows are a large deterrent for thieves preying on your home! Our impact resistance, energy efficient, windows are not only hurricane tested and rated but they are also measured for protection against intrusion as well. Many Florida homes are outdated and STILL have the security bars on the outside of the windows. As you could imagine, this could be extremely dangerous. With our hurricane - impact windows, You are able to keep you safety, as well as maintain a stylish look to you home that will have the neighborhood jealous!

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Burglars HATE Impact Resistant Windows!

Five Benefits of Installing Insulated Impact Glass Windows and Doors

Immediate Protection from Hurricanes

Protecting your home has never been easier. With every impending storm, you can rest assured that your home will be secure.


The installation of insulated impact glass windows and doors maintains historic returns of 125.3 to 163.3 percent.

Protection from Burglary & Vandalism

The same impact-resistant glass and heavy construction that keeps flying objects from penetrating these doors and windows also provides a strong deterrent to intruders, thieves and vandals.

 Noise Reduction

FHIA windows and doors act as a significant sound barrier, reducing 50 percent of outside noise, enhancing the peacefulness and tranquility of your home interior.

 Sun Protection

Laminated glass used in impact windows and doors blocks 98 percent of harmful rays, protecting your furniture, rugs, artwork and family.

See Your Investment Pay Off

  • Savings on up to 40% on your cooling costs

  • Savings of 10% on your home owners insurance policy

  • Historic Resale values of 125% to 163%

  • Peace of mind, knowing that your family and home is protected

Hurricane Resistance In Action

Product testing was performed by an independent testing firm in Pennsylvania using air cannons. In the tests, a two-by-four piece of lumber, nine-feet long, weighing nine pounds, was shot at specific and varying parts of units at a rate of 50-feet per second. After the impacts, the units were then subjected to 9,000 cycles of combined positive and negative pressure. To pass the test, each unit subjected to these conditions needed to continue to function. The glass must stay intact in the sash, and Double Hung and Casement windows must be operable.

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