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Ask most people what’s the most important home and the response will likely be the kitchen. It’s where the family spends most of their time. And it’s a key component in the assessing a home’s value. So why be stuck with an old kitchen when FHIA can transform it into a delicious new one? Our kitchen refacing services include a cost-effective, relatively quick way to upgrade your cabinets without having to tear out your existing cabinets. Along with kitchen countertops, we create a whole new feeling of richness in your kitchen with a natural stone or high-tech synthetic.

finished cabinet refacing

Cabinet Refacing

Cabinet refacing is a cost-effective and relatively quick process that allows us to revitalize your cabinets in just a few days without having to tear out your existing cabinets. This process will help keep your overall cost down while providing a fresh look to your kitchen. We have a team of reliable installers standing by to give you a quote for your project.

Kitchen Countertops

Installation of new kitchen countertops is a sure way to update and add value to your most valued asset – your home. We will exceed your expectations and leave you with peace of mind that the project will be finished on schedule and with zero headaches. Create a whole new feeling of richness in your kitchen with a natural stone of high-tech synthetic countertop. Our trained professionals will provide you with an accurate estimate and the assurance that you’ve chosen the right company.

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 Kitchen Refacing

Historically, there is no better way to improve a home’s value and appeal than with a new refaced kitchen. We are proud to offer kitchen refacing as one of our core services. At Florida Home Improvement Associates, we specialize in refacing kitchens.

Beautifying Your Home

When you are in the market for kitchen cabinets for a new home, we can help make your vision a reality.