Window & Door Installation In Florida

Buy the material, and you’ll get what you pay for. Pay for installation, and you should get what you demand–only the best. FHA provides you with the best. The proper installation of a superior product is a protection investment that will give you the satisfaction you deserve.

Benefits of FHIA Installation

All of the FHA installers are full time employees of the company.
vs.Most home improvement companies use subcontractors who work for many companies and are not reliable.

All of the FHIA installers are factory trained exclusively for the FHIA specialized product line.
vs. Subcontractors install many different products with no formal training.

FHIA insures all employees with the finest insurance programs available, including workmans compensation, health care benefits, disability, and life.
Subcontractors carry little or no insurance. Therefore, in case of an accident, the responsibility lies with the homeowner resulting in very expensive law suits.

The FHIA Company carries a two million dollar general liability policy. Every product is completely insured for any damages caused prior to the installation and during the installation.
Subcontractors could cause extensive damage to the home at the homeowners’ expense.

The FHIA Company, together with the state of Florida, protects the homeowner for job completion.
Subcontractors may start the installation and never return to finish.

FHIA complies with all of Florida’s licensing requirements as well as all local municipalities. To obtain the proper license you must pass extensive testing requirements.
vs. Subcontractors do not have any safe-guards to ensure they all have the proper licensing.

Most installations require permits. FHIA will apply for all permits and follow all installation procedures accordingly.
vs. Subcontractors may shortcut this because of added expense and needed licenses.

FHIa will contact all local government building departments to perform thorough inspections of work during and after installations.*
Subcontractors may not want their work inspected.