Residential Roof Coating

Residential Roof Coating

FHIA Products Residential Roof Coating

FHA offers reflective residential roof coatings that will help lower your home heating and cooling costs, and reduce the surface temperatures on your roof. The estimated saving that you will gain by treating your roof with heat reflective roof, cooling and coating system is between 4-22%. This savings is based on a Department of Energy study using our reflective roof materials. Our roof coating can be applied to your existing roof and comes in a variety of popular colors.

Reduce Solar Heating to your Roof and Home

The formula in the roof coating is specifically designed to reflect the sun’s heat and infrared rays. This will help reduce fading and lengthen the life of your roof tiles, in addition to the heating and cooling savings benefit from treatment. The amount of heat reflected back into the atmosphere will result significant savings to consumers.

Extend the life and look of your Roof.

The residential roof coating treatment also helps fight the growth of mold, mildew, and dirt, which keeps your roof looking like new. Also, Moisture is blocked and will help prevent expansion and contraction of your roof.